Industrial Designer born in Argentina. Make my studies at the University of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, of Buenos Aires. While doing the first years at university, I could apply and work for TSU Make-up, where I specialized in packaging development. I continued working as a graphic designer when I joined the staff of an important Design Studio dedicated to the development of labels for premium wines.

After that, in 2008, I decided to fully specialize and open my own Studio. In my following jobs, I can mention and highlight clients such as PBM company dedicated to boutique professional microphones. In 2013 I was selected to exhibit in the national contest Innovar with the Project Lumbre Natural Homes. Currently I am  dedicated  to  research  and  development  of                                              products.


Design is a doctrine that has to be used to contribute to our community and give us tools for a better life quality. What is interesting about this kind of contribution is the fields that the designer selects to act on and the results they seek for. Thus, when we study our society and focus on its habits and needs, design should be considered an important link in the chain of the development of humankind, depriving it of all superfluous and frivolous connotation, building its base on the idea that ethics and responsibility can guide decisions related to design and avoiding to constrain social innovation and the technological development that is needed to carry it out.

Thinking about the consequences of the actions of design before using them, focusing the attention on the natural, industrial and cultural systems that are found in the context where you will act.
Prioritizing the human entity avoiding designing it as a simple “factor” within something bigger.
Providing value to people and not people to the system like it is usually done by nowadays marketing.
Using place, time and cultural differences as positive values, not as obstacles.
Focusing on the services and not the things, avoiding flooding the world with useless objects.